1997 BMW 840Ci – Paintwork Correction Detail

1997 BMW 840Ci – Paintwork Correction – Detailing Scotland

This BMW 840Ci belongs to a new client who recently bought the car from first owner, knowing the car from new and dreaming about one day owning it he finally realised that dream when it was offered to him for sale, a low mileage example with just 36k miles from new, the 840 was in great shape mechanically having been regularly serviced!

The bodywork however was looking very tired having never been polished or looked after over the years, paintwork riddled with scratches, etchings, and oxidation, this needed sorting!

The car first underwent a very thorough wash and decontamination process before a polisher could get anywhere near it! The bodywork had been exposed to the elements for a long time without a proper wash, all the surfaces were treated to remove algae, tar spots, and iron fallout, all gaps thoroughly cleaned, then moved indoors and clay barred to remove any remaining bonded contaminants!

The series of photos below show the results of the paintwork correction process before and after, taking 4 long days to complete and multiple stages of polishing, a very involved and time consuming process to restore the finish carefully, all carried out by rotary first using wool to cut and level the rock hard paint, before polishing and refining to fully restore depth and clarity to the finish!

The end results, paintwork sealed with Gyeon Can Coat Pro, all rubber trim cleaned and dressed, exhaust tips polished, wheels sealed with Can Coat, glass cleaned and sealed with Gyeon View, The interior was also thoroughly cleaned, this was already in excellent condition with minimal wear!


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