1991 Mercedes 300SL Paintwork Correction Detail

1991 Mercedes 300SL – Restoration Detail

Beautiful 1991 Mercedes 300SL which I had the pleasure to work on recently, this was with me for over a week to undergo a very thorough refresh!

The original paintwork (bar the bootlid) had picked up a large number of fine scratches over the years so required a intense multi stage machine correction via rotary to rectify the defects and restore the depth and gloss to the finish,

The interior was thoroughly detailed to make it look, smell, and feel like new again, and finally the engine bay was also thoroughly detailed to remove the years of grime.

Before pictures


Bonnet before being restored

The bonnet after multiple stages of polishing, and spot sanding, around 10 hours spent on this panel alone to achieve this finish, however the original paint has been retained!

Engine bay fully detailed, steam cleaned, painted surfaces including air filter cover and rocker machine polished to restore the colour, plastics dressed.

The end result! full week long detail, multistage paintwork correction to remove scratches, swirl marks, oxidation, and poorly touched in areas, all exterior trim fully restored, exterior glass polished and sealed, paintwork coated with Gyeon Duraflex multilayer coating to provide a long lasting, and easy to maintain finish!

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