2017 Volvo XC90 Paintwork Correction and Ceramic Coating

This post will highlight the dramactic improvment a proper paintwork correction detail can make to the appearance of a car!

This lovely Volvo XC90 was a recent purchase for the owner from a main dealer who had performed their own ‘polishing’ to prepare the car for sale, as you will see in the before and after pictures below the finish was less than acceptable with some serious and very unsightly machine hologramming on every panel completely robbing the paint of depth and clarity,

It wasn’t untill after we had carried out this work that the owner realised the finish was a pearlescent black with a stunning shimmering flake under the clearcoat and not just a flat black!

As with every paintwork correction the car was thoroughly washed and decontaminated using a variety of chemicals to safely dissolve iron and tar particles followed by by a clay bar treatment to remove any remaining bonded contaminants on the exterior surfaces, the paint needs to be perfectly clean before polishing for the best results!

Multiple stages of polishing commenced, using two different sizes of rotary polisher to reach each area and a selection of pads and polishes to safely remove the defects and leave a crystal clear finish, paint depth readings were taken throughout to ensure the least amount of paint was being removed!

Once complete each exterior surface was treated to Gyeon Quartz Ceramic Coatings to protect against the effects of the weather such as, acid rain, bird droppings, UV and oxidation, also providing great ease of cleaning and ensuring this car looks just as good after each wash as it did after being detailed!

Before and after pictures below.

Unsightly holograms and swirls in the sunlight!

Up close!


Up close!

Before paint correction

After paint correction

Before paint correction

After paint correction

Horrific marks in the paint before polishing!

Better than when it was new!

Crazy marks very artistic!

This looks much better however!

There is a lot going on here! very dull finish!

Completely rectified and flawless now

An unsightly mess!

Crystal clear finish following all the polishing steps!

Unsightly marks on the bonnet and dullness

Fully restored finish!

This really shows how dull the finish was looking!

Depth, clarity, gloss all restored and enhanced!



Up close before

Up close after

Dull cloudy paint!

Depth and clarity restored!

Lots of scratches and marring here

All removed and refined!

And the final results with the Ceramic Coating applied, every surface including the paintwork, chrome and plastic trim, glass and wheels have been coated providing long lasting protection, providing easy maintenance!

Final results with the Ceramic Coating applied!

Final results with the Ceramic Coating applied!

Final results with the Ceramic Coating applied!

Final results with the Ceramic Coating applied!

Final results with the Ceramic Coating applied!

Final results with the Ceramic Coating applied!

Final results with the Ceramic Coating applied!

Thanks for reading, if your own car requires some tlc or you would like a light refresh and a ceramic coating then do not hesitate to get in touch to arrange an appointment.

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