1992 Honda CRX VTi – Paintwork Correction Detail

1992 Honda CRX – Paintwork Correction Detail – Detailing Scotland

This fantastic and now rare car belongs to an existing client who’s Honda NSX I detailed a few years ago, He felt that this car was well deserving of a proper treatment to get it looking like new again,

This is the top spec VTi with the free revving 150bhp B16 VTEC engine, this particular car has been extremely well looked after still having its original paintwork from the factory, although the paintwork was looking tired and scratched the finish could be restored!

The CRX was booked in for 4 days, to allow plenty of time to carefully remove the defects and restore depth and clarity to the finish, There was a number of small dents around the car which my dent guy attended to these whilst the car was with me.



Dent removal, chip repair, and paintwork correction before and after

The finished shots

The engine bay was also given a very thorough cleaning, with the use of a steam cleaner, air, various brushes, and cloths. with the strut brace being repainted satin black.



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