McLaren 570S Ceramic Coating

2017 McLaren 570s – Gloss Enhancement Detail – Ceramic Coating

This incredible Mclaren 570S was with me several weeks ago, a new purchase for one of my regular clients, and his first Mclaren, noticing that the paint finish looked quite cloudy he wanted the paintwork to be fully enhanced and properly protected so that the car looked its very best!

The 570 was dropped off with myself following a 1500 mile tour through Europe Dubrun2017, so there was a number of graphics to be removed following the decontamination process, once the graphics were removed the paintwork could be inspected, which revealed some remaining sanding haze and pig tail marks in the finish, very common on cars such as this which are flattened and polished in the factory to create a smooth paint finish,

A two stage machine correction was carried out to remove these marks, and fully refine the paint, resulting in maximum gloss and clarity, really making this fantastic colour pop! have a look through through the pictures below to see the difference this made to the finish!

Once the machine work was complete the paintwork was wiped down to remove any polishing oils, and coated with two layers Gyeon Quartz MOHS, the wheels, brake calipers, exhaust tips and rear diffuser were coated with Gyeon Rim, exterior glass coated with Gyeon View, and scuttle panel panel coated with Gyeon Trim.

Interior detail, including Gyeon fabric and leather coatings

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