2017 Mercedes A45 AMG Ceramic New Car Protection Detail


Mercedes A45 AMG – New Car Detail – Detailing Glasgow

This stunning Elbaite Green was with me recently for our New Car Protection Detail, and Gyeon Quartz MOHS coating, the required a little more work than usu, as it had been prepared by the dealer already, and as such was presented to the owner in less than satisfactory condition! the paintwork was cloudy with wash marring, and all of the piano black trim was badly marked! I didn’t take as many photos during this job, as the paintwork was in poorer condition than expected, so the camera was mainly left to one side whilst I cracked on with the polishing! I do however have a couple of before and after shots pictured below, which show the condition of the paint, the car received a single stage machine correction all over to remove the wash marring, and restore gloss and clarity, with the piano black trims requiring a little more attention.

Gyeon Quartz MOHS being applied.

Finished shots of the A45! following a single stage machine correction, gloss black trims polished, Paintworkd sealed with x2 Gyeon MOHS, wheels removed and sealed with Gyeon Rim along with the exhaust tips, and the exterior glass sealed with Gyeon View.

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