Audi S3 – Ceramic New Car Protection Detail

Audi S3 Sportback – New Car Protection Detail

This Daytona Grey Audi S3 was booked in for my full New Car Protection process.

The S3 underwent a very thorough preparation process, ensuring that all contaminants accumulated during transport from the factory are fully removed, especially iron deposits which can cause harm to the paint finish if not removed, a single stage machine polish carried out to enhance the depth and clarity of the finish, and leave a smooth clean surface for the ceramic coatings to bond to.

On this car the owner selected the top end coating with the wheels off upgrade, Gyeon Quartz Duraflex, which is a very hard wearing and slick multi layer coating backed by a 5 year warranty was applied, this helps the paintwork to retain its gloss and lustre, and make cleaning very easy as dirt does not cling to the surface, The wheels were removed so they could be fully coated throughout with Gyeon Rim (heat resistant ceramic coating), including the brake calipers, the hubs were treated to a healthy layer of satin lacquer to prevent them from rusting (a common problem on VAG cars) All of the plastic and rubber trim on the car was coated with Gyeon Trim to protect these areas against the elements so they do not fade, and the glass was coated with Gyeon View, which allows water to roll off the surface vastly improving wet weather visibility.

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