BMW M5 – Paintwork Correction Detail and Ceramic Coating

2013 BMW M5 – Paintwork Correction Detail

This job was completed just before Christmas 2017, An incredibly involved paintwork correction brought about after the full front end of the car was repaired and resprayed, now although the paint job itself was very good, the refinishing of the paint was very very poor!                                                                                                                                                         It was obvious that the painters had ran out of time after painting the car to properly sand and polish the finish, all of the repainted panels were suffering with unsightly sanding haze, dull spots, and circular scratches, the cause of this is from a dual action machine sander which has not had the sanding discs cleaned or replaced often enough throughout the process, if this is not done then a build up of clear coat in the centre of the sanding discs digs into the paint creating deep pig tail shaped scratches! also the paintwork was not properly polished after being sanded resulting in the car being handed back to the owner still covered in sanding haze!

The pictures below will show the extent of the damage and how the car was handed back to the owner as a ‘completed job’ the damage was so severe that I ended up spending 20 hours on the front end of the car alone, achieving around 90% correction, multiple cutting stages using wool pads, and my Festool Rap150, before fully refining the paint to achieve the level of clarity that the paintwork should have had in the first place!

The rest of the car received a two stage correction, light cutting stage followed by refining, to remove the wash marring inflicted after the body shop washed the car with little care, the M5 had previously had the paintwork fully corrected, so this was to restore the car to how it looked before the visit to the body shop, a further 15 hours was spent completing that work, before attending to all of the finishing touches, paintwork sealed with Gyeon MOHS, exterior glass sealed with Gyeon View, heels sealed with Gyeon Rim, rubbers rejuvenated with Gyeon Trim, the interior was also detailed to ensure that all traces of body shop dust was removed from the nooks and crannies. all in all 45 hours spent on the car over 5 days.

Before pictures (bonnet)

Bonnet following cutting stages and refining!



Offside front wing before


After cutting (still to be refined)

Nearside front wing before

After cutting (still to be refined)

Drivers door, which was also painted and poorly refinished!

Front bumper which had been block sanded and barely polished by the body shop to remove the sanding marks!

Finished pictures of the M5, following refining, and the coatings!

The interior was already very clean, however I went through the interior with a fine toothed comb to ensure that all traces of body dust was removed.

If your car requires a similar treatment to bring the paintwork, then do not hesitate to get in touch!


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