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VW Golf R – Paintwork Correction Detail


This stunning Tornado Red Golf R was a new purchase for the owner, low mileage, and well cared for mechanically, the paintwork however was another story! riddled with random deep scratches, and unsightly swirls! the brief was to remove the swirl marks and as many of the deeper scratches as possible without going crazy, restoring full clarity and gloss to the finish! over the 4 days the car was with me I achieved 90% correction, restricted only by the paint depths, which did not allow some of the deeper marks to be fully removed, instead these were substantially rounded off, reducing their appearance!

Protection of choice for the car was Gyeon Quartz MOHS, in addition to this the exterior glass was coated with Gyeon View, unpainted plastic trim, and rubber coated with Gyeon Trim, alloys and exhaust tips coated with Gyeon Rim, and tyres dressed with Gyeon Tire.

Here are the before and after pictures.

Bonnet befores

Bonnet afters

Gyeon MOHS being applied

Pictures once the car was complete, multi stage paintwork correction, fully and properly refined, and Gyeon coatings applied!

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