Lapiz Blue Golf R – Paintwork Correction Detail

VW Golf R – Paintwork Correction Detail

I recently had this stunning Lapiz blue Golf R in the studio for a few days to bring the paintwork back to life, the car was only 18 months old at the time of the detail, however it had been well used day in and day out, and washed several times per week, this took its toll on the finish, with fine scratches on each panel, with a number of random deeper scratches throughout!

To prepare the Golf for polishing my usual wash and decontamination stages were carried out, wheel arches, door shuts cleaned, tar, iron and organic contaminants removed from the bodywork, all nooks and crannies deep cleaned, and the wheels cleaned and decontaminated ensuring all iron deposits have been removed.

The car required a multi stage correction using my trusty Festool Rap150 to fully remove all of the marks, and restore true clarity, a full day was spent just refining the paint following all of the cutting stages, before the coating could be applied, the paint protection of choice was x2 layers Gyeon Quartz MOHS.

I’ll allow the following pictures to show the transformation!


A deep cluster of scratches on the bonnet, paint depth readings allowed me to substantially round down the scratches, instead of full removal, however this was a massive improvement, as the scratches were very unsightly!

And the finished pictures.

  • x2 layers Gyeon MOHS applied to the paintwork
  • Gyeon View applied to the glass
  • Gyeon Trim applied to rubber, and unpainted plastic trims
  • Gyeon Rim applied to the wheels, and exhaust tips

Thank you for reading

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