2016 Focus RS – Paintwork Correction Detail – Nitrous Blue



2016 Focus RS – Paintwork Correction Detail

The owner of this stunning Fpcus RS had owned the car for 6 months and had covered less than 1000 miles when he decided he wanted his car to be properly prepared and protected to make it look its best, and most importantly easy to maintain, unfortunately the car had been very poorly and carelessly prepared by the dealer when it was new, so the paint finish was let down by many fine scratches and swirl marks, the car was likely washed using a brush at the dealer to create such severe damage! there was also a number of holograms on the parts of the car which is hand finished in the factory,.

To rectify the damage and prepare the paint for coating s a two stage machine correction was carried out (cutting stage followed by a refining stage) the paint on these cars is quite soft, but also becomes sticky when warmed up during polishing, so my duel action polisher was used to keep panel temps much lower, a combination of Chemical Guys pads, and Scholl polishes were used to restore the finish over 3 days, 2x layers Gyeon Quartz MOHS was applied to seal and protect the paint finish.

These are the before and after pictures below showing the results of the paint correction.

Matt black painted spoiler restored then protected with Gyeon Q2 Trim.

Gyeon Quartz MOHS being applied

And the completed car, Gyeon MOHS applied to the paintwork, Gyeon Trim, applied unpainted plastic and rubber trim, Gyeon Rim, applied to the alloys, and exhaust tips, Gyeon View applied to the exterior glass, and Gyeon Tire applied to the tyre sidewalls.


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