2014 Ferrari 458 Spider – Paintwork Correction

2014 Ferrari 458 Spider – Paintwork Rectification Detail


The owner of this 458 Spider had recently upgraded from his 430 Spider, an upgrade which he had been looking forward to for over a year, as this is his pride and joy he was disappointed to find numerous paint defects under close inspection, especially under the bright lights in his garage!

After inspecting the car we agreed on a two stage machine polish over a three day period to bring the paint finish up to the standard that the owner had expected, the leather seats would also be cleaned and protected.

Before any polishing can begin, it is very important that all the exterior surfaces are clean and free from contamination, to prevent the polishing pads from becoming contaminated, this also ensures a standard of finish will be achieved!



The car was thoroughly washed using two buckets and a plush sheep skin wash mitt, including the wheels, and around the wheel arches, clayed, de-tarred, fallout remover used to dissolve any rail dust present and thoroughly rinsed off, it was then moved indoors and dried off, then inspection and polishing could begin.

Once I had set up my lights, I discovered that the nearside front door had been resprayed, The paint finish wasn’t the best with a plenty of wet sanding haze and water marks which had etched into the clear coat over a period of time, however after spending some time rectifying and refining the paintwork, the finish was greatly improved!







 These are some of the defects on the engine, general wash marring, and some random deeper marks, the photos are shown as a series of before and after shots.

A patch of over spray which the clay bar was unable to remove,

Marring on the offside quarter panel before.


Machine holograms on the offside front wing, this is a typical result of the car being prepped poorly when it was new.


Fine scratches on the offside door.


Nasty marks on the rear bumper,





The interior was already very clean, only requiring a vacuum and dust to ensure all the vents, switches, instruments, and other detailed areas were perfectly clean, the seats were treated to GYEON Q2 Leather to help prevent damage from abrasion.

After working my way through the car with a fine toothed comb to make sure all the paint defects were polished out and with the paintwork refined to a high gloss, it was now time for the finishing touches, any polishing dust was carefully removed from hidden areas, glass cleaned, wheels sealed with GYEON Q2 Rim, exhaust tips polished, unpainted trim dressed with GYEON Q2 Trim, for the paintwork the owner had opted for Polish Angel Master Sealant, the owner tends to book a top up detail at least every 3 months, and since the car lives indoors, with sparing use this would provide adequate protection over the coming months.

The finished car, and a very happy owner, after three very long days!

If your pride and joy requires a similar treatment, then do not hesitate to get in touch, I need to see every car in the flesh to assess its condition before providing a quote.

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