2008 Audi TTS Paintwork Correction Detail

2008 Audi TTS – Paintwork Correction Detail


This Audi TT S was booked in for our Paintwork Correction Detail and Gyeon MOHS protection package, The car was recently purchased by the owner, who soon noticed the mass of swirl marks and fine scratches, which was really letting the appearance of the car down!

Following our usual wash and decontamination stages the paintwork was ready for polishing, the series of pictures below show the condition of the paintwork before and after polishing,a Festool Rap150 rotary polisher was used throughout the process, with a selection of pads, including wool for the worse affected areas, and various grades of Menzerna polishes, some marks were a little too deep to be fully removed without compromising the integrity of the clear coat, so were instead rounded off to the appearance of the defects, however overall the clarity of the finish was completely restored!



Tailgate (bird etching)




Roof before



Roof correction continued…

Once all the polishing was complete the TT was given a final rinse, blow dried and the paintwork was wiped down with Gyeon Prep to remove any remaining polishing oils, two layers of Gyeon Q2 MOHS was then applied, the exterior glass was sealed with Gyeon Q2 View, unpainted plastics and rubbers coated with Gyeon Q2 Trim, wheels sealed with Gyeon Q2 Rim, and the exhaust tips given a final polish to remove any remaining  traces of soot, before being coated with Gyeon Q2 Rim to help make future cleaning much easier, the tyres were dressed with Gyeon Q2 Tire.




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