Golf GTi Ceramic New Car Protection Detail Including Paintwork Correction!

2016 VW Golf GTi – New Car Detail including Paintwork Correction

On collecting this car from the showroom, the owner noticed straight a mass of unsightly swirl marks and marring in the paint finish, the owner allowed the dealer to prep the car thinking any marks would be easily rectified himself, however was not expecting the level of damage to the finish that the valeters managed to create!

after viewing the car and a number of discussions with the supplying dealer the dealer agreed to cover the cost of the correction work, and a date was set.

Below is a series of before and after shots during the correction, some of the defects although appearing light were quite deep, and cutting with wool and medium cutting compound was required to return the paintwork to the standard it should been in from day one, this is how the car was presented to the owner, a completely brand new car with a price tag just shy of 30k! the process took 4 long days in total.


Rear bumper


Roof pillar

Nearside rear door

Nearside front door

Offside front door

Offside rear door

The owner contributed towards the cost to have a long lasting coating with excellent self cleaning properties to make future cleaning considerably easier, and help retain the depth and clarity of the paint finish, so Gyeon Q2 Durabead providing a slick, highly water repellent surface was chosen.

As part of the protection package, the exterior glass, wheels, exhaust tips, plastic and rubber trim was also coated with the relevant coatings, Q2 Rim for the wheels and exhaust tips, Q2 View for the glass, and Q2 Trim for the plastic trim around the car and rubber window trim, the tyres were dressed with Q2 Tire.

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