2014 Range Rover Sport – Ceramic New car Protection Detail

After several months ownership the owner of this Range Rover Sport felt the car would benefit from a professional detail to bring out the best in its appearance, as well as having durable protection applied to make regular washing much easier, the owner takes great care of his car washing it by hand himself, so wanted it to look its very best!

On initial inspection a light paintwork rectification detail followed by application of a ceramic sealant was agreed on, a noticed of number of random surface scratches, and the gloss black trim between each window was very badly marked, the heavier marked parts of the bodywork received a two stage machine polish, with the less affected areas receiving a single stage polish to bring out the gloss and clarity of the finish, 

The next set of photo’s shows a fallout remover being used to dissolve rail dust, this builds up significantly on new cars during transport from the factory, but also during day to day driving, as the brake discs wear down they leave deposits all over the bodywork, if left in place these deposits will damage the paint finish, so it is highly recommended that your car is thoroughly cleansed at least every 12 months, once the Range Rover was thoroughly washed and cleansed it was moved indoors to have the paintwork assessed and detailing work commenced.

polish residue on rubber trims which I removed prior to carrying out any polishing so these areas could be masked off.

Gloss trim rectified

The worst affected areas on the paintwork was then also rectified, here are a handful of examples









Finished shots after polishing

All painted areas were then wiped down to remove the oils from the polishing process, allowing the ceramic coating to bond properly, Cquartz was then applied carefully to each panel.

Carpro DLUX was applied to all of the unpainted trim and wheels

And the finished shots three days later


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