Ceramic New Car Protection Detail BMW 335d

The owner of this very nice new BMW 335d booked the car in with me some months before taking delivery of his car, previously he has been dissapointed with the poor prep on the last new car he bought, so wanted this car to be prepared properly from the start of ownership, also after the most durable protection available he opted for CQuartz UK to be applied, this is a much harder wearing coating than a traditional polymer sealant, and especially a wax! it helps to reduce the chance of inflicting wash marring in the finish, repels dirt and water, the coating is also chemical resistant so tar sports can be removed without the need to reapply the sealant.

The owner sourced the car online so didn’t have the option of telling the supplying dealer not to wash the car, so it did arrive with some minor wash marring and a few random deeper scratches in the clearcoat which I removed as part of the process, to begin with the car was given a thorough decontamination wash, and clayed to remove any contamination on the exterior surfaces, this is necessary even on new cars as they are often transported several hundred miles via rail, and stored outdoors before reaching the owners, as such a good amount of harmful iron deposits is often present on the paintwork, along with other organic contaminants, these must be removed to allow the paintwork protection to bond properly.

After a thorough wash, using the two bucket method, with attention paid to all nooks and crannies, Carpro Iron X was sprayed on and left to dwell for several minutes to dissolve any iron deposits (raildust) pictured below, any deposits turn purple once the product comes into contact.

The wheels were also treated.

The car was then thoroughly rinsed, any tar sports removed, rinsed again then moved indoors to have any remaining contamination removed using a claybar.

First of the defects to be removed is this mark on the nearside front door,

These marks were quite deep in the clearcoat, so a two stage polish was carried out using Menz Intensive followed followed by 106FA to refine the finish.


Next was this mark on the bonnet

The piano black trim is notorious for marking easily, and this car was no exception, so all these all areas were also polished to remove the swirl marks, and increase gloss.

Once the areas with the deeper marks were rectified the car was treated to a single stage machine polish using a rotary machine polisher (Festool Rap 150) this increases the gloss of the paint finish, removes any light marring, and removes the roughness that all new paint finishes have straight from the factory, once this was done the lip spolier was fitted to the boot on the owners request,

Carpro Eraser was then used to remove any polishing oils on the paintwork, to allow CQuartz to bond to the paintwork, is was carefully applying ensuring that all areas have even coverage and that now smears were left behind! all the rubber trim surrounding the windows was also coated with Carpro DLUX along with the wheels.

The car was then left indoors for 20 hours to allow the coating to harden, this is very important as cquartz can easily be smeared and damaged if any contact is made including applying another product on top of it too soon, 20 hours later a polymer based sealant was applied, a favourite of mine Wolfgang 3.0 for its slickness and depth of gloss it adds to the finish, this compliments the protection provided by cquartz very well.

These are the finished shots, ready for the owner to collect his new car.





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