2017 Focus RS – Ceramic Coating


2017 Focus RS – New Car Protection Detail – Detailing Scotland

Another Nitrous Blue Focus RS, This one was booked in with before the owner took delivery to ensure it would be properly prepared and protected from day one!

I advised the owner not to allow the dealer to wash the car, so although the car was filthy on arrival with myself fortunately the paintwork was virtually free of any minor scratches and swirls that the car dealers are notorious for inflicting on new cars! only a few areas required spot correction, areas which were sanded in the factory to remove dust particles from the paint, the rest of the car received a single stage machine polish to enhance the gloss and clarity of the finish, and also create a nice smooth surface for the coatings to be applied to, this was following my usual very thorough wash and decontamination process, ensuring all iron and organic deposits on the bodywork are fully removed, a process which all car dealers do not have the time to carry during their new car prep.

Below one of a few ares on this car where sanding haze and holograms remained following dust nibs in the clear coat being removed in the factory.

Gyeon Quartz Durabead being applied, this is a mutli layer coating which only Gyeon Certified Detailers are authorised to use, the coating is also backed by a 5 year warranty!

Wheels, brake calipers, and exhaust tips coated with Gyeon Rim, this is a heat resistant, long lasting and hydrophobic coating.

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