Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster Paintwork Correction Detail

This absolutely stunning SLS Mercedes AMG Roadster detailed to prepare it for resale, was treated to a two stage Light Paintwork Correction Detail to remove the mass of swirl marks and fine scratches in the clear coat which were letting the overall appearance of the car down!, most of the damage was created by a poor wash technique over the past few years, the interior was given a valet to tidy it up.

The SLS was thoroughly washed and decontaminated including proper cleaning of the light coloured fabric roof which was beginning to look tired, the decontamination consisted of tar removal, removal of rail dust using a fallout remover, and finally clay barred to remove any remaining traces of contaminants on the paintwork and glass leaving the surfaces perfectly smooth and ready for polishing, the pictures take off from the beginning of the polishing stages once the car is fully dried off.


After two stage polishing


After two stages

A spider web of scratches, before polishing

After three stages of polishing to rectify the heavier defects on this panel

The difference made is clear to see here, a cloudy paint finish and light being diffused by the spider web of defects in the clear coat.

After polishing, greater increased clarity in the paint finish with only the very deepest marks remaining.

Before, cloudy paint


After, gloss and clarity restored.

Another clear difference, lots of heavy wash marring down the sides of the car. Before




The finished results, paintwork sealed with Blackfire Wet Diamond, wheels and exhaust tips with Gyeon Q2 Rim, roof coated with Gyeon Q2 Fabric, tyres dressed with Gyeon Q2 Tire.

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