Range Rover Evoque – Paintwork Correction and Protection Detail

Range Rover Evoque – Paintwork Correction and Protection Detail


This lovely Evoque was detailed to prepare it for an upcoming wedding, a two stage correction detail was required to remove the swirl marks and a few random deeper marks, and restore gloss and clarity to the finish, the owner also wanted a highly water repellent coating to applied that would last, because of its slickness and incredible hydrophobic nature Gyeon Durabead was chosen as the paintwork protection.

The Evoque was first properly washed and decontaminated to remove all traces of tar, iron particles, and other organic contaminants from the exterior before polishing.

Tar spots being removed

Tar spots being removed


piano black trims before and after polishing.

Paintwork before and after

Once all of the paint defects had been removed, and gloss and clarity restored to the paint finish it was time for the various coatings to be applied, before this could happen the car first rinsed to remove all polishing dust from crevices, thoroughly blow dried to remove all excess water, the paintwork was then wiped down with Gyeon Prep to remove any polishing oils, this left the perfect finish for Gyeon Q2 MOHS to be applied to, 3 layers in total were applied, followed by Q2 Durabead, Durabead changes the water behavior of the coating making it extremely hydrophobic, aiding the seelf cleaning effect and dirt repellency that these coatings are known for, the surface also becomes very slick, which makes future washing much easier and less chance of inflicting wash marring in the now perfect paint finish! The wheels and exhaust tips were coated with Gyeon Q2 Rim, this is a hard wearing heat resistant coating which prevent brake dust, traffic film, and exhaust soot respectively from becoming ingrained on the surfaces, the exterior glass was coated with Gyeon Q2 View, this repels dirt and waters, which greatly improves wet weather visibility, all of the unpainted plastic trim (mainly around the wheel arches and sills) were coated with Q2 Trim, this is also Si02 based, the coating prevents dirt becoming ingrained in the trim, the tyres were dressed Gyeon Q2 Tire.


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