2016 Range Rover Sport SVR – New Car Protection Detail

2016 Range Rover Sport SVR – New Car Protection Detail (Gyeon Durabead)


This special Santorini Black RR Sport SVR which was treated to my new car protection detail, Gyeon Durabead was selected, the owner covers 20k miles per year, so wanted a hard wearing sealant that would keep the car cleaner longer, and withstand regular washing, which the sealant has proven to do over the past 8 months since this detail was carried out!

The car was delivered to my premises by the owner directly from the supplying dealer, unwashed and unprepared as requested by the owner, to reduce the risk of the dealer inflicting anymore swirl marks or scratches in the paint finish, before I started work on the SVR I gave a the bodywork a thorough inspection, proving yet again that new cars never turn up in perfect condition this car had some heavy and unsightly marring all over the bonnet, as well as various other areas around the car, machine holograms on the SVR bodykit which is painted independently of the main shell after the car has rolled down the production line was also present, however I was expecting this after detailing two other SVR’s prior to this one.

The SVR underwent a thorough wash and decontamination process, snow foamed, rinsed, wheels, cleaned inside and out, wheel arches, door shuts cleaned, nooks and crannies cleared of any dirt build up, washed two bucket method with a plush sheepskin mitt, fallout remover to dissolve any rail dust on the paintwork and glass, any tar spots, glue residue, and transport wax removed, and finally clay barred to remove any remaining traces of contamination on the bodywork, before having a final thorough rinse and dry ready for polishing.

Range Rover Sport SVR bonnet 

Before correction

After correction

SVR bodykit holograms before and after, (the same on every SVR)

Random mark on the door 

Before polishing

After a single stage refining set to enhance the clarity of the paint finish

Overall the SVR was given a single stage machine polish using a very fine refining polish to remove any marring present, and increase the depth and clarity of the paintwork, the bumpers, side skirts, and bonnet were given a two stage polish to remove the deeper marks fully, any polishing dust was then removed and the paintwork was given a wipe down with Gyeon Prep to remove any polishing oils ready for the coatings.

Gyeon MOHS being applied (3 layers max) prior to Durabead above being applied.

Gyeon View being applied to the exterior glass, this coating is extremely water repellent, so greatly improves wet weather visibility when the car is moving!

The wheels and tailpipes were also sealed with Gyeon Q2 Rim, a heat resistant coating which is also very water/ dirt repellent, tyres dressed with Q2 Tire.

The interior, Gyeon Q2 Fabric applied to the carpets and mats, Q2 Leather coat applied to all leather surfaces, seats, door trims, dashboard, Gyeon Cure applied to the carbon trim to make future cleaning considerably easier.

Bucket seats all around!

Some outdoor pictures of another SVR I completed in September this year, which underwent the exact same treatment, SVR no4.

Thanks for reading, If you are looking for a similar detailing treatment for your car, then do not hesitate to contact us.

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