2010 Skoda Octavia – Winter Protection Detail

Below is an example of a Winter Protection Detail on a 2010 Skoda Octavia VRS, this includes a very thorough exterior clean and contamination removal of months of road dirt build up.

Before – build up of road grime.

Wheels thoroughly cleaned with various brushes reaching right into the back of the wheels.

Iron x applied. 

Whole car thoroughly washed, revealing the tar and iron build up.

Tar remover applied.

Tar wiped away, vehicle rinsed and fallout remover applied to remove iron contaminants.

Making sure all nooks and crannies are spotless.


Full car clayed to remove any remaining contaminants (not pictured) final rinse and vehicle dried.

Werkstat Prime Acrylic applied and carefully worked into every inch of the paintwork to ensure a squeaky clean finish and prepare the paintwork for the sealant.

Two coats of Dodo Juice Supernatural Hybrid.

Door shuts detailed and sealed.

Wheels sealed, exterior trim dressed, exterior glass cleaned and sealed, and tyres dressed.

The results after 6 hours of intensive cleaning!

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