2016 Audi S3 – New Car Protection Detail

2016 Audi S3 – New Car Protection Detail


This Nardo Grey Audi S3 Sportback was booked in for our comprehensive New Car Protection Detail, the owner had selected the top Gyeon Quartz Durabead protection package, which includes a total of 5 layers protection for the paintwork, as well as protection for the wheels, exhaust tips, exterior glass, and plastic/ rubber trim.

With this durable protection applied, this will ensure the car remains looking fresh and new for far longer than a car which has had no protection or inferior protection applied!

This car had already been prepared by the supplying dealer, and as such with dealership based valeters not having the time or tools to prepare each car carefully this car suffered with the usual swirl marks and odd fine scratch in the paint finish, I always recommend that a new car receives at least a single stage machine polish to bring the best out in the paint finish, however this car required a little extra polishing to remove these defects.

The first stages are the proper decontamination and especially the removal of the harmfull rail dust that every new car is exposed to during transit from the factory to the supplying dealer, this shown in some of the photos below, 

This car apparently had the dealers own protection product applied, which as you can see here has failed, the water is just sitting on the surface!

With the car properly prepared and totally clean it was moved indoors, paintwork inspected, paint depths recorded and the defects removed from the clear coat.

Overall this S3 received a two stage machine polish to rectify the various fine scratches, this could have been avoided had the dealer not prepared the car, however the paintwork now has a deep gloss, and complete clarity! time now to wipe the car down with Gyeon Prep to remove all the polishing oils ready for the coatings to be applied…

Gyeon Quartz RIM on the wheels and exhaust, this is a heat resistant coating which will stick to chrome, making the exhaust tips and wheels easier to clean!

Gyeon Quartz MOHS and Durabead applied to the paintwork, each layer applied 3 hours apart, the various layers will protect the paint against contamination, especially bird droppings, and leave a slick surface which remains cleaner for longer, and is much easier the clean, the slick surface helps prevent swirl marks being inflicted, as there is less friction between your wash mitt and paintwork during washing.

Gyeon Quartz Repel applied to all of the exterior glass, this prevents dirt sticking to the glass, and is very water repellent, so improving wet weather visibility, as water will run off of the glass when the car is moving!

The engine bay was also detailed and Gyeon Quartz Trim applied to the plastics, and grille.

The end results, properly prepared and protected, with a blemish free finish, with the proper care these coatings will last for up to two years!

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