New Car Protection Detail, An overview

New car Protection Detail

This treatment prepares a new car to a far higher standard than what the dealership can offer, It is a common misconception that a new car will be in perfect condition, often new cars only receive a quick wash and a lick of tyre shine, often resulting in many fine scratches and swirl marks being inflicted in the paint finish as old sponges, brushes, and dirty rags are used to clean the paint!

More importantly most new cars travel a large distance by rail from the factory to the supplying dealership, which means they are covered in rail dust, this fine dusting of iron isn’t always immediately obvious but it will etch into the paintwork of a car and start to rust, which is when you will notice orange dots all over the paint finish, 

Our treatment ensures that all contaminants are removed from the paintwork, Iron dust as well as other organic contaminants which are present in the open, 

All new cars benefit from a light machine polish as after the paint has settled in the factory it can often have a dry appearance lacking lustre, new cars also always pick up minor scratches and marks along the production line and during transit,

Our process removes any paint defects which are discovered and also maximizes the gloss and clarity of the paint finish, this also creates the perfect smooth finish for our coatings to be applied to!

The most important stage in our new car treatment is the proper application of hard wearing ceramic based coatings, to each exterior surface, for the paintwork up to 5 layers of Gyeon Quartz MOHS and Durabead can be applied which is then backed by a two year warranty, this protects against etchings as result of contamination such as bird droppings, industrial fallout, tree sap etc, maintains the paintworks gloss and clarity over a longer period of time, Gyeon MOHS and especially Durabead when applied is extremely slick and water repellent (hydrophobic) so dirt doesn’t stick as easily, the surface effectively has a self cleaning effect meaning your remains cleaner for longer and is considerably easier to wash, also as the coatings are so slick as well as being harder wearing this will prevent against swirl marks being inflicted during washing (care must still obviously be taken regardless)

It isn’t just the paintwork that needs protecting, specific coatings are applied to the glass, wheels, exhaust tips, unpainted plastics and rubber trim also, exterior glass remains cleaner for longer and has improved wet weather visibility as water will just run straight off, and you will find you don;t need to use your windscreen wipers as often whilst travelling at motorway speeds! brake dust and exhaust soot wont stick as easily with Gyeon Rim applied making your wheels and exhaust tips much easier to clean!, and finally having Gyeon Trim applied to unpainted plastics and rubber trim, will prevent these areas fading and perishing!

Our New Car Protection Detail is more time consuming than many other offerings and the products used are costly, however the initial outlay in having this treatment done will ensure that your car is prepared to the highest possible standard and will remain looking like new for longer!

  • Your car is prepared to the highest possible standard
  • All contaminants removed following transit from the factory
  • Any scratches and paint defects rectified
  • Protection against bird droppings and other contaminants
  • Prevents swirl marks
  • Prevents degradation of the paint finish maintaining gloss and clarity 
  • Self cleaning effect
  • Improved wet weather visibility
  • Two year warranty

Some pictures of a new Range Rover Evoque which was treated to our Gyeon Quartz Durabead Protection Package!

An example of the typical defects that can be found on many new cars! a sanding mark on the bonnet, this would have happened on the production line as dust marks in the paint are often removed during the final inspection on the line.

Sanding mark removed, 






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