New Mazda MX-5 – New Car Protection Detail – Gyeon Quartz Coatings

 2015 Mazda MX-5 – New Car Protection Detail

The owner of this lovely MX-5 being very fond of his cars contacted me not long after ordering the car from the dealer, he knew he wanted this car to be properly prepared and protected from day one, so he could easily maintain and enjoy the car,

The options available were discussed and we settled on Gyeon Quartz MOHS and Durabead for the paintwork, with Durabead being longer lasting protection over MOHS on its own, which will prevent dirt from sticking and building up, Gyeon fabric guard for the roof, Gyeon Leather to help make the blue staining from jeans much easier to wipe off the light coloured seats, Gyeon Repel for the glass allowing water to run off very quickly, and Gyeon Rim on the wheels to make cleaning the wheels much easier.

A date was confirmed once the owner had been given a delivery date and the MX-5 was brought straight over to my premises, It was clear to see instantly that the valeters at the dealer had tried to prepare the car themselves, with a mountain of polish residue in every panel gap over all the plastic trim, along with a variety of swirl marks in the paintwork where very little care had been taken, this is typical of many dealership as the valeters just do not have enough time to prepare a new car thoroughly and safely!


This area on the front bumper looked really bad.

I have no idea how polish residue ended up here, it looks like a bird dropping, but it definitely wasn’t

Definitely not an acceptable condition to receive a new car in, happily for the owner the car would soon be looking the way it should.

So the car was moved out side and given a thorough 4 hour wash and decontamination, snow foamed, washed, iron fallout removal, tar removal, wheels cleaned inside and out, the car was then clayed inside to remove any remaining contaminants leaving the paintwork very smooth ready for polishing.

Paint defects

A single stage machine polish was carried out, with some areas requiring two or threee stages, due to the scratches being a lot deeper, and requiring more cut.







Polish residue removed, and plastic/ rubber trim coated with Gyeon Trim.

The various coatings were then applied

Glass – Gyeon Repel

Wheels – Gyeon Rim

Paintwork – Gyeon MOHS / Durabead

Hood – Gyeon Fabric

Seats – Gyeon Leather

The picture below shows the effect of Gyeon Leather, allowing any liquids to bead and run off the surface, which prevents staining the finish.

Feedback from the owner

It’s stunning. The way the rain and spray just beads off the bodywork and glass when I’m driving is incredible. The best bit is that this superb finish didn’t cost much more than dealers ask for supaguard. I’ll be saving my pennies and getting my Yeti in for the same.”

Please get in touch if you would like your own new car to be prepared to same high standard.

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