Aston Martin Virage – Paintwork Correction Detail

2012 Aston Martin Virage – Paintwork Correction Detail

This stunning Aston martin Virage was booked in for a Paintwork Correction, and Interior Detail, three years of weekly washing had taken its toll on the paint with a mass of unsightly swirl marks, and s dull finish, the owner wanted the car to look better than new with a paint coating that would protect the paintwork from the elements, 4 days was set aside for this job.

Following on from my usual thorough wash and decontamination process, the paint defects were clear to see once the car was moved indoors.


The paintwork was rectified using a rotary polisher (Festool Rap150) and a variety of pads, and polishes to restore gloss and clarity, between two to three stages of polishing was carried out, with the final stage involving refining the finish to ensure a crystal clear hologram free finish, the pictures below show some examples of the progress.

Work in Progress











Exhaust tips polished

With all the polishing complete, polish residue and dust removed, and remaining polishing oils removed Two layers of Gyeon Q2 MOHS was then applied to the paintwork.

Interior Detailed, and leather upholstery treated.

The end result!

GYEON Q2 MOHS applied to the paintwork
Q2 Rim applied to the wheels
Q2 View applied to the exterior glass
Q2 Trim applied to all unpainted plastics, door mirror bases, rear apron, scuttle panel, etc


If you would like your car to receive a similar treatment then please get in touch.

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