Ford Mondeo STtdci – Paintwork Correction Detail

This is a 2005 Mondeo ST TDCI that was booked in for a full three day Paintwork Correction Detail, to remove the mass of swirls and scratches robbing the paint finish of its true clarity.

The aim of this detail is to remove defects in the paint finish, whilst removing as little paintwork as possible, this involves constantly monitoring the thickness of the paint and swapping between different polishing pads and polish to suit the level of refurbishment required on each panel, total time taken was 40 hours over three days…

Some before shots…

Foamed with a mild APC mix.

Intricate areas receiving attention.

After a thorough wash two bucket wash and de tar, all paintwork and glass is clayed.

Wheels cleaned in multiple stages.

After a final rinse and towel dry this how the paintwork looks in direct summer afternoon sunlight!

This is the results of a few trips to the local hand car wash.


Wash marring giving the paint finish a dull grey appearance.

Moved indoors and taped up ready for the paintwork to be refurbished…

Paint measurements taken…

Before Paintwork Correction.

After Paintwork Correction (still to be refined)

A pillar corrected…

Front wing before.

Front wing after.

Bonnet before.

Bonnet after.

Time to sort out that scratched rear end…


Deep scratches and swirls removed.

Nice flake popping through even in low light :D

Rear bumper after 3 stage correction.

Leading edge of the boot.

Offside door before.

Offside door after.

Quarter panel before…


50/50 on nearside rear door…


B pillar before…

B pillar after…

Once all the swirl marks, and deeper paint defects were removed, the paintwork was refined and burnished to a high gloss using a final polishing pad and light cutting polish, the paintwork and wheels were then sealed and protected, all trim dressed, glass cleaned, wheel arches dressed, and tyres dressed…

And the end result on day three, scroll down for direct sun shots just before the delighted owner picked the car up. :)


A very enjoyable car to work on, and the owner was delighted with the finish!

Thanks for reading


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