VW Golf R – Ceramic New Car Protection Detail

2015 VW Golf R – New Car Protection Detail – GYEON Q2 Durabead

The owner of this top spec Golf R wanting it to have the best start in life had the car delivered straight from the supplying dealership to my premises to have the car properly prepared and coated before hitting the roads, GYEON Durabead was chosen for its fantastic water sheeting properties, as well as being extremely hard wearing, ensuring the paintwork would retain its gloss for at least the following two years!

The car first thoroughly washed, had all the rail dust removed which had built up during transport from Germany using Autosmart Fallout remover, then moved indoors to inspect the paint finish, a number light scratches and swirl marks were noticeable so these would be removed, along with holograms on the front bumper, the bumper had been resprayed after a smaller number plate plinth was fitted.

Heavy scratches on the A pillars, these are usually caused by glue residue being rubbed away carelessly after the protective transport film is removed.

A sample of the light marks on both side panels (doors and rear quarters)




Swirl marks and cloudiness in the bonnet

After polishing

Cloudiness in the paintwork

After polishing


Holograms on the front following its respray, these defects are from the flatting and polishing that the body shop carried out.

Defects removed.

Durabead is then applied, two layers Q2 MOHS followed by two layers of Q2 Durabead, both in separate bottles over a 24 hour period.

And the finished car, this is with the wheels sealed with Q2 Rim, glass cleaned, trim and tyres dressed, and exhaust pipes polished.

To arrange a similar treatment for your car please contact Richard via www.rgkdetailing.co.uk



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