2014 Abarth 595 Competizione – Gloss Enhancement Detail

2014 Abarth 595 Competizione – Paintwork Rectification Detail

The owner of this fantastic looking 595 Abarth contacted me after noticing some nasty scratches on his bonnet and roof, whilst I was inspecting the car to quote for the work I also noted that despite only being 6 months old at the time the paint was lacking gloss and had a lot of wash marring (fine scratches in the clear coat).

The car was booked in for a single stage machine polish (Gloss Enhancement) which would take care of the wash marring, with additional stages of polishing to rectify the worst affected panels,

I started work on the bonnet after the usual wash and decontamination stages had been carried out outside.

This is how the bonnet looked, with long deep scratches in the clear coat stretching the width of the panel.

Some wet sanding was required here, and multiple stages of polishing to remove the worst of the scratches, up close an outline of the marks would still be visible, however it would have not been wise to remove even more clear coat than I did.

Front nearside wing

Following a single stage polish

Nearside quarter panel




offside quarter panel


Rear bumper


C piller


Top of the nearside door


With all the polishing complete, and now being happy with the finish, the finishing touches were then carried out, The owner likes to maintain the bodywork himself so a polymer based sealant was applied on this occasion, Blackfire Wet Diamond to protect the finish over the next 3- 4 months, wheels sealed with FK1000p, tyres and rubber trim all dressed to prevent them drying out, glass cleaned, and exhaust tips polished, 

These are the completed shots after 2 days

To arrange a detailing treatment for your car please contact www.rgkdetailing.co.uk

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