BMW M4 – New Car Protection Detail

This Yas Marina Blue M4 belonging to a long running regular client was booked in for a new car protection detail to ensure that it is properly prepared and protected from day one, as the owner reckoned he would own the car less than a year he opted for a polymer based sealant, with a hard wearing ceramic for the wheels.

The M4 underwent a thorough wash and decontamination process to remove any trace of rail dust or any other foreign particle which would compromise bonding of the sealant, once done the car was moved inside and given a single stage machine polish, to bring out the best in the paintwork, very few minor defects were discovered so this turned out to be a straight forward process, once the polishing was complete Blackfire Wet Diamond was applied via a dual action machine to ensure even coverage and good bonding, the wheels, were coated in Carpro DLUX, going by the size of the discs on this car and the amount of use it will get it is to be expected that the wheels will become caked in brake dust very quickly!

Polishing complete

Ceramic sealant applied to the inside and outside of the wheels

Wet Diamond applied to the paintwork

The end result

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