2014 Range Rover – New Car Protection Detail – Gyeon Quartz MOHS

The owner of this new Range Rover was recommended to me by the owner of the 2007 Range Rover also recently detailed, being a perfectionist he was looking for the car to look its very best as soon as he took ownership of the car, for this reason it was delivered to my premises straight from the dealership.

The usual thorough wash and decontamination process was carried out to remove all rail dust which bonds to the paint during transportation from the factory, once this was done the Range Rover was moved indoors and underwent a single stage machine polish as is carried out on every new car, to remove roughness from the paint work, and to release maximum gloss and clarity from the finish!

The car was worked on over the course of three days to allow sufficient time to prepare the bodywork to a high standard and allow the coating to cure before being exposed to the elements.

Sanding haze and holograms following a front bumper respray at the dealership

Defects rectified

Gyeon Q2 MOHS being applied

 Gyeon Q2M Cure


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