Porsche Cayenne – New Car Protection Detail – Gyeon Qquartz MOHS

This Porsche Cayenne belongs to an existing client of mine, he had the Cayenne on order for several weeks, so booked it in in advance to have the bodywork properly prepared and protected from day one, a hard wearing ceramic sealant was agreed on so Gyeon Q2 MOHS was applied,

Before protection could be applied the car was first thoroughly washed, bodywork deep cleansed to remove the contaminants that build up during transport from the factory, rail dust is the main form of contamination which is commonly found on new cars, dealership valeters rarely have the time and knowledge to remove rail dust so it is left in place eroding the paintwork over time,

Once the paintwork is fully decontaminated the Cayenne was moved indoors to inspect its condition, a few minor swirl marks were discovered as Porsche had washed the car, the single stage machine which is carried out on every new car removed these defects leaving a flawless high gloss finish, the car was wiped down with GYEON Prep to remove the polishing oils ready for the coating to be applied, the wheels, paintwork, trim, and glass was all treated.

Minor swirl marks present


Gyeon MOHS applied to the paintwork and wheels, Q2 view applied to the glass, Q2 trim applied to the unpainted trim.




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