2007 Mercedes CLS – Gloss Enhancement Detail


The owner of this lovely well cared for CLS previously had it detailed by myself in 2012 to fully rectify all the fine scratches and swirl marks present in the finish, two years and the car was booked in again for a freshen up, it had picked up a few minor scratches and some light wash marring after two years worth of regular washing, so a two day Gloss enhancement was arranged to allow time for a single stage machine polish, with extra attention being paid to the random minor scratches, Polish Angel Cosmic was then reapplied to the paintwork.

Surface scratch in the clear coat on the boot lid.

Wet sanded and polished to remove

sharp scratches on the roof pillar

wet sanded and polished, scratches greatly reduced

Minor wash marring and swirls


wash marring and minor swirls on the bonnet.

Protection applied to the paintwork

The wheels were also sealed, tyres dressed, glass cleaned, and all trim and minor details cleaned and treated.



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