2009 Mercedes CLC – Paintwork Correction Detail

This Mercedes CLC was booked in for a paint correction detail,
This was a new purchase for the owner, however after a couple of washes he had noticed numerous swirl marks, and deeper marks appearing, including several dull hazy patches on the bonnet where the dealer has tried unsuccessfully to remove paint defects themselves, in turn causing more damage and then trying to cover it up with a filler heavy polish.

To get start the car was given a two bucket wash method followed by, tar removal, Iron removal, and claying to ensure the paintwork is contaminant free ready for polishing.

Dull patchs on the bonnet..

Multiple paint readings were taken all over the bonnet showing healthy readings of between 119 – 123 microns

After some polishing using a compounding pad and non dimishing abrasives the deeper marks were rounded off but still visible, I chose to wet sand these areas first with 2000 wet – 2500 wet then 3000 wet, this removed around 8 – 9 microns.

Some marks still visible at certain angles but a massive improvement, this is a fairly new car so it is always wise to leave as much paintwork as possible.

Some general swirling and light hazing over the rest of the car…

50/50 of the offside door…

some shots of the paintwork fully detailed…

The completed car…

Paintwork sealed, wheels sealed. tyres dressed, windows sealed, trim dressed, and arches dressed…

Total time taken was 24 hours over two days.




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