Lamborghini Gallardo – Summer Protection Detail

The owner of this Gallardo also owns the Ferrari 458 featured here who was keen to have a similar treatment carried out.


To begin with the wheels were extensively cleaned and decontaminated.




After the exterior was degreased and power rinsed the fabric roof was gently cleaned using a mild all purpose cleaner and a soft brush.



The mesh grilles and all other intricate areas agitated with an all purpose cleaner and soft brushes,

The Lambo was then snow foamed which was left to dwell for a few minutes to break any remaining grime before being rinsed off, the car was then safely washed using two buckets and a Carpro sheepskin wash mitt, after rinsing all tar spots were removed from the lower areas of the car, and fallout remover applied to dissolve any iron deposits, the car was then rinsed again and clayed to remove any remaining bonded contaminants, the paintwork is now ready cleansing and polishing,

A scratch on the bonnet was polished and reduced in appearance,


Zymol HD Cleanse was used on a glazing pad using a dual action polisher to deep clean the paint, and increase gloss, the paintwork was then sealed with Blackfire Wet Diamond, Autoglym bumper gel used to dress unpainted plastic trim, wheels sealed with Collinite 845, 303 Fabric Guard used to protect the fabric roof and help it to repel dirt.

 The interior was also given a thorough vacuum, and leather cleanse.




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