2013 VW Golf 1.4 TSI – New Car Protection Detail


This car belongs to a regular client who books in every 6 months for a comprehensive detail, he wanted this car to be properly prepared and protected from day one, unfortunately the supplying dealer would not allow to prepare the car on site so they did instead, this meant that a few light paint defects were inflicted as part of the dealers rushed process which would be removed as part of the detail.

On arrival

I then began a thorough safe wash and decontamination process as outlined here

After washing and rinsing the water behaviour on the bonnet highlights that there is no protection present on the paintwork at all

Below shows glue residue still in place after the dealer removed the protective vinyl which is fitted to protect horizontal panels during transit.




Swirl marks on the gloss black b pillars

The owner was looking for the very best finish possible so the complete car received a single stage machine polish to increase the gloss of the paint finish and remove some minor marks.



Here is a couple scratches on the bonnet which too deep to fully remove, so were rounded off and reduced as much as possible.

Once the car was polished all the polishing oils had to be removed to allow the sealant to bond properly, Polish Angel Cosmic was chosen as it is very hard wearing and very slick preventing dirt from clinging to the surface.

Cosmic being applied evenly.

A durable sealant was then applied to the wheels, exterior trim and wheel arch liners dressed, the interior was given a thorough vacuum and the upholstery and carpets treated with fabric guard to protect against spills.

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