Ferrari 458 – Summer Protection Detail + Interior detail

After some recent heavy use, the owner of this Ferrari 458 contacted me to book in a comprehensive detail to completely refresh the interior and exterior.

Before – plenty dirt, grime and tar build up.

This image shows water just sitting on the paintwork not beading or running off at all due to no protection being present, as well as a large amount of dirt build up.

Plenty grime and staining on the alloys.

Numerous brushes are used to reach every part of the wheels.

The car was then snow foamed and rinsed, all intricate areas were cleaned using a variety of brushes, the car was then rinsed again and washed using a plush wash mitt, two buckets to reduce the risk of creating more swirl marks, another rinse then all tar spots were removed from the paintwork, and a fallout remover applied to help remove any iron deposits, followed by claying to remove any remaining bonded contaminants, the paintwork was then lightly polished with a paint cleanser to create a good base for the wax to bond to, after this any exterior trim was treated, the finish on the wheels was sealed and two layers of high grade Carnauba wax applied.



Interior Detail


The interior required a deep clean to remove staining from the carpets and cream seats due to regular use, the carpets were gently shampooed, the seats were steam cleaned to help remove a build up of grease and denim staining, a barrier cream was then applied to help protect the finish on the seats against abrasions, the rest of the interior received a thorough vacuum, and steam to refresh every surface.




Total time taken was 12 hours

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